And the WINNER!

  Thank you for all your glamping comments!!  So fun to read all of your adventures if you could go glamping!

This morning, I put your names on paper into a bowl and Rosie picked out the name!  She loved doing that!  So the winner is ........


You'll have a painting sent to you! Yipee!! I hope you do have a little adventure of glamping someday!

Just want to share a few more bits of camping glamour/ whimsy.... am loving the old vintage campers. I like the word camper instead of trailer... it sounds more.... well, just a little more woodsy fairylike!


Definitely a camper made for pixies and fairies!


Banners.. a must! . Yes, and red and greens.... and polka dots and flowers!


Red and white checkered floor...... perfect!!


Wouldn't mind glamping close to some happy cows in a happy meadow.


And wearing happy clothes!!

Yes, that is my idea of glamping!!

Photos found at a wonderful site:  Suzy's Vintage Attic.  And cows in pasture photo from google.