Glamping = Glamour Camping

Ok... have had the best time looking on the great big wonderful web of glamping photos... oh, my, oh my...

these are stunning!


Here is a beautiful table set for a twilight dinner.....great beach glamping.


Sofa..... outside of tents? ok... that is pretty cool! That is borderline camping.... but it is glamour camping, so I guess a sofa is permitted!


I really want to walk into this tent and see more and then sit down and have a gourmet dinner.


Beautiful....beautiful... can almost feel the cool twilight air.

So we have that kind of glamping with the big white tents... sofa, etc...... but below is my kind of glamping!! Whimsy Cath Kidston style!


This Happy Camping is so fun! I love this blog called, "Happy loves Rosie" and it's a woman named Happy and she does all these creative things with her daughter Rosie!   They live in England and you can see the fun they had in decorating this vintage camper!


Would never think to use green for the camper but it fits so perfect!







Yes! The entire camper is dreamy!  Makes me want to design them.. paint them... and then camp in one!!

Maybe one day in the future!

Hope this sparks some ideas for your own glamping! Being outdoors...... among crickets singing at night.... campfire..... waking up to  bird song in morning... green, green everywhere....and breakfast outside.... it really is wonderful!  And I think this fall... we'll be doing some glamping!

Photos from google search and Happy loves Rosie