We heart parties!

Oh,  I have loved loved the comments on "Glamping!!" So fun to hear everyone's place of the perfect glamping spot!Thanks for all your fun comments! Can't wait to show you some photos I found of glamping... the photos amaze me!  I'll pick the winner tomorrow after I put all the names in a jar and have Rosie pick one out! So it will be announced on Wednesday!

As for what is happening over here in the HAM over the weekend.....

11 family members sleeping under one Robinson roof!

One princess birthday party with lots of little princesses fluttering around.

Another birthday party for two amazing dads!  Da and Papa ( Mike's dad and my dad)!

All of the above equals....busy wonderful birthday bash weekend!


The princess girl.... my oh my......she is my little dear.


Dress up time with Gee Gee!


Da making funny faces with Rosie!


Some of the princess fairies... so sweet!!!


Playing game.. pin the kiss on the frog!


And pinata time... the pinata never broke.. so we had to break it instead and some of the wall went with it!


My sweet bro and his little princess!



Love capturing this:  blowing out candles... picture taking.... the buzz...... celebrating family... celebrating our dads! 


Opening presents... love to see just a glimmer of a smile on my dad...... makes me smile too.


And smiling over my "starry eyed" princess girl.  She's four... and only four once....

So I'm calling four.. the magical year!

Thank you to Gee Gee, Da and Nana who are always the super helpers when it comes to setting up the grandkid's  birthday parties!  You all add so much sparkle and fun and love and laughter to these special days!

And it's with weekends like this that remind me how absolutely precious family truly is.  I dearly love our family... both sides of it! ... love these moment we share..... and savor the memories. 

Thanking God for the beautiful gift in making families!