The Magic of Camping


For me, camping has so many magical moments in it and I could name sooo many different favorite moments!

But three that pop into my mind are the following:

One: Cooking outside.  Food cooked on a Coleman stove or over the fire is the best ever.  I love love camping breakfasts...and then I love the smores at night around the campfire.

Two: Love the "Magic Hour" aka (Weezie Blue Twilight).... when the day gives way to night... and the colored lights start a glowing. 

Three: No tv... no electonics... just sitting around the campfire and talking... watching the fire.. being in the moment... no rush... no phone calls... no emails....

just our little family

night sky

mountain air

fire light

simple happiness


Love banners to throw in a little more color.. a little more whimsy!



Fresh flowers in their tin cup vases...... little bits of beauty.


And the fire..... making the perfect "oven".  And the term "oven" is that place you find in the fire with hot coals and it's just glowing so brightly.  The goal is to find your own personal "oven" and roast your marshmallow over it.


My brother and I would spend hours making little ovens and finding the best ones...... oh, the memories. Just thinking about those moments makes me smell pine needles and campfire.


The twinkle lights are in full sparkle.


Kids are in full bliss.


And you know.... I am heart- full from re- membering this time.

Thanks for letting me share our little journey with you:)

Maybe these ramblings on our camping adventure spark some camping adventures for your own family...... because...

oh, do I have more fun things to share! ( It's about glamping)? ever heard of it?  If you have or if you find out about it...... post a comment in comments and explain  "Glamping" and if you could "Glamp" anywhere... where would it be?  I'd love to hear what you all say.... I'll have a drawing of the names and pick a winner and the winner will RECEIVE a Tricia painting ( free)! sent to them!