Continuing the Journey!


So it's now a fact that fairies do live in this part of the country... had to show a bit more of the Linville Episcopal church in Pixie/ Fairy land.

It was founded as a mountain mission in 1910!  Amazing! Love reading the history of these places

and loved walking into this church....


Wish photo was clearer.. but one gets the idea of the craftmanship and the sweetness of this place.


Can you imagine the kind souls who worshiped in these churches? I can only imagine that their hearts were tender towards God and his goodness... his incredible beauty.... and I bet they had a deep love and concern for others. 


Another sweet Presbyterian church just up the tree lined road.



And our walk about in Linville..... with smiling Rosie!


Love these wooden arbors....


And our travels down the road from Linville ( fairyland) landed us at this quaint little shop where I bought a tin vase to put my wildflowers in.  And of course, lollipops were bought as well!


There they are!  The lollipop kids! Isn't it amazing how simple things can make a kid's day... just one lollipop and a pretty leaf.... and it's the highlight of the hike to the waterfalls!


Memories made......


Another market store that had to have it's picture taken..... Hillbilly Market!  Now that is a perfect name for a mountain market!


Another old beautiful church.. over 100 years .... cemetery in the back on the rolling hills.

Many stories... many people.... light of Christ..... shining.


And smiling as I look at this last pic of the day.........tender moments....... Rosie and Sam watching road out the back window.....wide eyed... full of wonder and energy.... and  of course, some giggles all throughout the trip!

Loving it!