Where the Pixies and Fairies Live

 Day Four of our "Camping Adventure"!

Guess what? We found where the pixies and fairies live!  They live in the secret area of Linville, North Carolina!

We thought at first that the pixies stayed in the Inn... or worked there as gourmet chefs!


And we guessed that some may flutter up to Grandfather Mountain and sing with the bears.


And dance around with the cottage flowers....


Oh, some pixies sprinkle some sparkly pixie dust on little kids..... I think one just sprinkled some pixie dust on Sam! Rosie is talking on the walkie talkie to a mountain fairy.... she is very intrigued.  ( photo taken after our little adventure driving up the mountain in the RV.... I was kind of anxious to get back down the mountain in one piece)... but we made it just fine!


A pixie bear:)


After our drive back down the mountain from Grandfather mountain.... we headed to Linville... only one minute away!

 We realized that most of the pixies and fairies dwell in this little quaint village area.. it was enchanted.  And it all started with seeing this beautiful old church.


And then the house of fairy/ pixie land.  It was just like a story book house plopped right down in the middle of green grass and meadows.  Love the timber and white with the teal accents around the windows...... it has it's sprinkle of whimsy and fun with mountain arts and crafts weaved into the architecture.  Mike and I just wanted to sit and stare at this house.


It had flowers climbing up the wooden beams and happy green bushes and cedar trees and hemlock trees all around it.


And then we saw the magic.... a man was actually in the yard painting on an easel!  It was the sweetest "finding" of the day! Yes, fairies and some pixies definitely built that house and live in it!


And this one too!


And then we saw our house!  It had a Robinson sign in front! 

We're home! We're home!


Hansel and Gretel..... fairy tale house....... oh, I fell in love with this "Robinson" home!

Another round of fairy dust sprinkled about......


Love the boldness and whimsy and frolick of this home! I do wonder what the owners are like... do they laugh alot? Do they dance around in their house? What music do they listen to?  folksy.. mountain music with classical mixed in?

I'd like to think they smile a lot and always have fresh baked cookies in a turquoise cookie jar!

It's said that these houses are so precious to the owners that they rarely are for sale and are usually passed down from generation to generation.   So, if someone has one of these houses in this Linville Fairy Land.. they should feel extremely happy and grateful!


Most houses have wooden arbors like this.... a gateway... an entry into their woodland fairy abode.


And the "Robinson" house had this garden... and this wooden fence with the white puffball tree.


Love...... love.....


Flowers were everywhere....... Shasta Daisies bobbing their heads as if to say a cheery hello!


And pink and white, red and lavender happiness with butterflies and bumblebees.  If I were a butterfly, I would spend my hours in this very place!

Yes, we found the magical land in North Carolina where the pixies and fairies live! It was a perfect day!!!

We did venture to more places on the 4th day, but I'll save some photos for tomorrow!

Happy August day to you all! ( Did you know August is "Happiness happens" month...

and "May your reading be a Haven month"..... and "Peach Month" and "National Parks Month".........and last but not least....

"Family Fun month".....just thought I'd let you in on some August celebrations!

May your day be a sweet one!