A Traveling Thru...



Loved our campground in Virginia. It was a state park so the campsites are nice and spacious.... very wooded and filled with the greenest of green trees that spread canopies of pine and hemlock... and the ground is a carpet of moss and grass....  the air is that pure kind that only comes from lots of trees that are happily standing all around...... and one almost feels as if they could talk!

Photo above is by the church pic below:)  Horse right there...... just eating some grass...... and then our RV camper wonder home!  This church was just down the road from our campground.


I loved taking photos of the old churches.... they have been around a long long time in this area.  And I'm sure each could tell quite a story through 100 years or so.  I think about all the people that have walked through the wooden doors.. the prayers that have been prayed inside.  The songs that have been sung....... the worship... the holiness and beauty of God.

It's really amazing when you think about 100 years of people and prayers inside one little quaint church.  

Just beautiful....


 Day three we went into town of Damascus... Mike and Sam did some fly fishing in the stream. It was a gorgeous sunny day.


Even Rosie tried some fly fishing! Mo Mo really liked the water..... he was such a great camping dog!


A funny thing I like to do on trips is explore grocery stores in small towns.  No doubt I love my Publix, but wandering into a "Food Country" has some adventure in it. You see the town people.... you get a tiny glimpse of the town in a grocery store.  Love it! And love the names of them too!


After we explored the Virginia side of the mountains, we headed to North Carolina!  We came across a line of Canadian Geese crossing the road... and stopping traffic.  Another little funny sight to see!


We arrived at our campground..... a quaint little family-run camp ground ( Linville Falls)  At first I was not too sure about the place... seemed too close to other campsites. But then, I saw the little park where the kids could play and swing.. the apple and pear trees in the meadow..... the friendly campers and Boy Scout troops and suddenly, the camp ground became a happy little place.


Camp Store and check in.  One thing I noticed was the American flag flying everywhere.  I loved that! Such pride in our country. It seems that smaller towns fly the American flag more... or maybe I just noticed it more.

Either way... it's time to get an American flag and fly it proudly from our home in Birmingham!

On our way to the campsite... we passed "The Little House". It reminded Mike and I of my favorite children's book, "The Little House" by Virginia Burton.  Loved this view and winding roads on the hillsides!


And the last pic for the day! The barn!  Many barns in this area have designs on them like the one above.  I'm not sure what the designs mean but they have to stand for something.  Maybe it is kind of like having a shield for your family.. or certain tartan.  I need to research a little more and find out some info.

And for this barn.... I can imagine some barn dances in there at night.....with twinkle lights hung all around and lots of laughter!

Well, that was Day Three! 

Day Four is tomorrow and it will be such a treat to share!