Family Adventure: Chapter one

We just returned from a magical little vacation...... I am still smiling thinking about our travels to "Hill and Dale" country! ( Beautiful mountains of Virginia and North Carolina!)

To start off.... let me give you some background.  Mike and I have been talking about going on a little family camping trip this summer.  But as the summer bounced along... so did the heat... and so did the realization of this: Camping..... tent..... heat...... rain storms... mud.... 100 degrees plus....= not an ideal family vacation! (plus would make a grumpy mommy!) Birmingham has been blazing with heat.... heat index getting past 110 and just no fun to be outside very long so thinking about sleeping in a tent in hot weather was not appealing.  With all that being said.... Mike and I started looking at cabins to rent. And then one night (about a week before our trip),  Mike and I were on the internet and looking at cabins and all of a sudden, Mike had a gleam in his eye. He said, "What if we rented an RV!" Then, we can camp and be in NICE air condition.. have the best of both worlds! 

And it was done!  Decision quickly and happily made. We were counting down the days to our motor home extravaganza! 

I felt a tinge of giddyness as I watched the kids look at the picture of what we were about to travel in.  Their eyes were as big as saucers... with twinkles in them.  They were VERY Excited!!! And it was all so sweet because when I was little, my family had a motorhome for a few years. I have the best memories of traveling around in it... hanging out  in the bunk bed area and watching the scenery along the road for hours.... magical memories.

And that is what Mike and I wanted to pass along to our little kiddies... some magic..... nature..... beauty... just being outdoors.. yet, having some nice amenities too!  

So here it is:



And with all that rambling about how we got to this picture...of this RV....

Here is a peek into our little family vacation: Chapter ONE:

The Virginia Creeper Trail!  Damascus Virginia!

Day one: We headed up the road to Virginia... set up camp in the evening:) ( Grindstone Campground)   Pure mountain air.... fresh... green...oh, and the weather.... perfect!

Day two: We biked 17 miles... all down hill... in pure "Sound of Music" like scenery...... it was fairy land!


On the beginning of trail...


We biked through meadows....


Through fairy forests....and beside good "fly fishing" streams. ( As Mike would say:)


Oh, the meadows... filled with little sweet white flowers......


It was like a mixture of Anne of Green Gable land...


And Sound of Music land...


1/2 Way down the trail, we stopped for Ice Cream....


Then about 15 minutes after we ate ice cream... A storm blew in.  We sat in the little restaurant as the rain came down...


About 30 minutes later... we were back on the trail and decked out in ponchos!


Happy Rosie!


This was our starting point..."Green Cove"...I wish I could give you a panorama view of Green Cove. Just imagine hills with sheep on them and Christmas trees. The Creeper Trail is basically an old railroad that was turned into a bike trail. They call it creeper because the trains "creeped slowly" through the mountains.


A view of Green Cove. 


Bike Riding is one of my all time favorite things to do! If I could just hop on a bike and ride everywhere.. oh, it would be a dream! There is that part of me that wishes to live in Holland and have my main way of transportation by bike!

But since our little family doesn't live in Holland.... or Paris... or the countryside of Darbyshire( Mr. Darcy's land)... then, I am completely happy taking trips like this one and biking my way through meadows and forests.  A biking trail where butterflies flutter around ... with views of Christmas trees on hillsides..... dales filled with the fragrance of green happy flowers... and smiling, glowing faces of my little family.  I'll take these sweet memories and treasure them. 

It was a magical day! 

Stay tuned... Day Three coming up tomorrow!