Sweet and Simple.. with a little Paris!


Happy things going on this week: Simple and sweet!

Looking at pretty simple pics like the desk above.  Makes me want to organize!

Must be the fall approaching and the need to get things "put in the right place"... school supplies... freshly sharpened pencils... new paper... pens.. scotch tape, etc.


Finding sweet little Rosie.... making her home in a box:)! 


Finding a great deal on a lampshade....but not just any lampshade!


A Parisian one!!... at Homegoods!  I think they were "scooped up" very fast!


And last, but not least... the happy frolicky blue and white polka dot lampshade... another great find at Homegoods.  Gotta love that store!  Turquoise blue and white polka dots have a very special place in my heart.  When I was around 4 years old, I had this little outfit made with blue and white polka dots. A favorite of mine and I still think about it.....and I'm always on the look out for that turquoise blue and white.  So when I saw this lampshade, I thought, "Oh, my 4 year old outfit is on a shade!"  Now there are two lamps... on both sides of our bed... keeping us company and bringing their happy polka dot cheer!

It is the simple little things of the day..... that can make a little merriment!!