It's a Beautiful Baking Day!


It was a baking day... but not just a typical baking day. 

Presenting... Fresh from the oven:


Cakes of many kinds!!  Cakes created with paint and brush instead of flour and sugar!


These cakes and cupcakes looked soo good that I wish I could magically wave a wand and turn them into real desserts!

The girls, once again, showed their sparkly creativity and made their canvas into amazing bakery goodness!


What a happy dessert day!!!  I can just picture a cupcake or bakery with all these paintings hanging on the wall! Now wouldn't that be fun?!  If I had a bakery, I'd do just that and call it "Happy Cakes!"


And a sneak peek into several beautiful creations..... painted by such a sweet and precious camper! Love them!


And oh, this bird painting with the eggs.....Sooo wonderful! And love the verse that Maggie ( aka superstar helper!) wrote into it.  " Look at the birds and how the Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"  Matthew 6:26.

All I have to do is watch these girls create and I am reminded in the most special way how God works so beautifully through each of our lives.  He gives us the gift of imagination and creation...... and oh, how priceless that is!

Happy day to you all! Tomorrow is our last camp day and it's FREE PAINT DAY!... which means each girl can pick out whatever she wants to create on canvas! I can't wait to post pics of the art and share with you! 

So tomorrow between 9 and 1:30pm...... there will be a happpyyyy buzzing of creating and painting in this Birmingham house!

See you tomorrow camp girls!