Time to Shine!


The girls painted faces today and oh, they were sooo fun!!!  Bright and cheerful! Whimsy and Colorful!  They are all such pure happiness!!


Another day with buzzz buzzz of paint and music and girl time!








  We painted girl faces and painted the first part of the "dress" painting and then, I said that we were going to decorate cookies today with frosting and sprinkles.   It was so funny to see all the girl's faces light up when the words: cookies and decorating were mentioned in one sentence.  There were happy voices chattering around the room and one girl said with such brightness. "This place makes me feel special."   And those words made my day! I really do want this camp to make girls feel special.  Right when they walk in the door, I want them to sense that this is a place with not only creativity and color but there is a special reason behind it all.  And the reason is all about God's love and kindness.  For without His love, His creativity, I wouldn't be doing all this in the first place. 

It's fun to create paintings in my studio and sell art and travel around the southeast and meet people at art shows, etc.  But I have a tender place in my heart to share the love of painting and art and creating with others!..... especially sweet precious girls like the ones in camp! They are treasures... and it's a gift to be able to do what I love and then cheer others on to create fun whimsy bright happy paintings!  My heart is full.... so full! 

Thank you for sharing your daughters this week in camp.  They are all precious artists!!!