Art Girls!


It has started... JULY ART CAMP!

Once again, I am seeing amazing girls with their amazing creativity and beautiful, happy paintings!


Verse for the day and really a theme for my art life.  I use it as a prayer for my own art and for this time with the girls..... a time to truly ask God to "let the beauty of Him rest on us... to establish the work...( the painting, the drawing.... whatever it may be.... singing, dancing, reading, writing)  of our hands.... yes, establish the work of our hands.


And His beauty certainly was resting on these girls.....


He was establishing the work of their hands.


It is a joy beyond words when I walk around and see how each canvas has it's own unique flowers...unique colors and design.  It's magical watching these girls create.


Color, wonder, beauty, goodness, creativity.....

All gifts from our Heavenly Father.



And what happiness to see God's gifts in motion and working and living through these beautiful girls!!

Thanks girls for such a fun day!  Can't wait until tomorrow!!! Yippeeee!