Weezie Blue

The other night when we were at the beach, we all hopped ( we "all" meaning all 8 of us) on the golf cart and headed to the sweet little town of.... can you guess?  Seaside, FL.

After puttering down side streets and gazing at favorite houses ( like one below)... I noticed the pink reflecting in the windows.. and looked back to see.....


A stunning....


The colors became more brilliant with each second... not even each minute.. but in pure seconds.



It was so captivating that we had to see more.


So we drove down the main street ( also known as 30-a) and saw beauty in the making.


twinkle lights on cafes...


white buildings against the serene blue sky....


Happy buzzing of people......


The entire place turned into the "magic hour"  as the sun cast her glow and color in the sky.





but not the twilight of "the book series and movies"....

Just the simple twilight hour.

I remember my friend talking about her favorite sky color being twilight and so she decided to call it "Weezie Blue". Weezie being her name.  Not only do I remember that "term" but I remember exactly where I was. I was with Weezie and Leigh Anne and we were in Paris...( 1995ish).. it was twilight....the sky had that rich blue hue.. we were meandering down cobblestone streets..... we were in our 20's..... single.... adventurous...... enjoying life.... cafes.... museums... speaking our "little French sentences" to French boys.... laughing.....eating French bread.... drinking French wine... It was one of those memories that will stay with me forever.  And that night in Paris, Weezie explained her version of twilight blue.

And so every time I'm out in the enchantment of that blue "twilight magic hour".. I think.. this is not just twilight...it's really... "Weezie Blue".

Thanks Weezie for making that phrase so special.

Hope you all can enjoy many "Weezie Blue magic hours" this summer.

Happy summering to you all and happy twilight watching.