Birthday Beach Girl


Just returned from the beach and this past week we celebrated a special birthday for a very special little girl who turned four! Yes, It's Rosie Robinson! 

We had family beach time in "Magic Beach Land" and the cousins helped in blowing up balloons and decorating.


Mom in all her special grandma-ness added lots of fun special touches to the party... birthday hat... banner.... noise makers.  Mom/ aka Nana is a great party planner!  She has always made birthdays extra sweet and special!  In pic above, looks like I caught her in action... buzzing around and getting ready for the party!


And now.... the Birthday GIRL... and the Cake!..... I think Rosie hung on to each note of "happy birthday to you".


And then the blowing out of....


four candles......


Wow, my little Rosie is 4 and my little Sam is 8.  Time keeps passing by......

May we hold these days close to our hearts.......and hold our little ones close to us as well.


And may we have fun eating cake and celebrating and loving our family!

 Stay tuned! More pics of beach time coming soon!