Mary Poppins

IMG_4026Did you know that Mary Poppins is our babysitter?

Yep! She flies to our house with her umbrella.... and always brings her special bag of "everything fun" and goes straight into her Mary Poppins happppy children land! 

She plays dress up with Rosie... Rosie was in total "awe" of Mary Poppins when she wore the tutu on her head!


And Mary Poppins paints too! She gets inspired... heads back to her house for a few days and pops back with whimsy paintings she has created. The one above is her sweet dog, Hope.


And Rosie loves to play "hair styler" with her "poppins friend".

Bows, Bows and more bows!!

Thank you sweet Mary Poppins ( aka Abby!) for being so amazingly wonderful with our children.  Thank you for playing and laughing and coloring and just being you!!  We love you! 

Happy flying around with your umbrella!!!