Friday Fun Day!


What a great week!!  Just loved working with these girls and watching them paint and laugh and create!  They all were joys to be around. It's so special to have the opportunity to be around young artists for an entire week! Am smiling as I look at all these photos of their paintings and what beautiful and colorful artwork they created!


Today we talked about uniqueness and being "God's design, one of a kind." And as I look at these paintings, it's so sweet to see that each painting is unique and wonderful just like the young artist who created it! 


We had pink fairies and colorful dogs!


And horses and dogs and guitars!


  My fun frolicky college friend, Jill and her fun, frolicky girls came down from the great city of Nasvhille for the entire week and helped with camp. They were pure sunshines during camp and made everything go smoothly and happily bopping along! Thank you so much Jill, Lilly Kate and Lauren!!! I couldn't have done this camp without you!  Thank you for baking cookies and cupcakes and washing out brushes and sweeping the floors and squeezing out paint and more paint and cleaning tables and wiping up messes and just being superstar wonderful!

And the beautiful name tags were so special to wear.. thank you so much for making them and for making the Bible verse cards which were the foundation for why we are all creating in the first place. It's all a gift from God!


And our dear neighbor came and helped everyday too! Thank you so much!!!!


Working... working.  I love to watch these girls create!


And what smiling and glowing faces at the end of art camp!










This week will go down as a very special one and filled with the sweetest and most colorful and delightful memories.

Loved hearing about some of the girls going to Michaels and Hobby Lobby and getting paints and canvases and creating their own studios in their bedrooms! That makes my heart skip a beat! These girls are budding artists and it's so exciting for me to see their excitement in creating and painting! 

Thank you girls for making this week super wonderful! You are all beautifully unique,  have such sweet hearts, and are amazing artists!!

Happy Fourth of July and happy painting in your little studios!!!!