Cupcakery/ Bakery Day!


Cupcake/ Bake Day!  We had the best time making and designing and then eating cupcakes!

  For a little glimpse into the art camp mornings, we first meet in the sunroom. ( pic above) and have a little devotional.  I've picked out some of my favorite verses for the week and then talk about them and have a little prayer.  It's simple and sweet, but I do believe with my all my heart that God is the essence of all creativity and design and beauty.

And the more we grasp that fact... the more our lives will be filled up with joy!  So today.... the verse that I want written on my children's hearts and my own heart as well is... Zephaniah 3:17  "The Lord your God is with you. He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you. He will quiet you with His love. He will rejoice over you with singing."

To just think about that verse..... let it soak in.... can be life transforming. 

So, on to paper and paint and creativity and remembering how much God delights in us... in our creativity and imagination and painting!


The workshop/ cupake/ bakery of wonder and paint begins!


Paper and paint.... there is something so fascinatingly wonderful in combining the two... kind of like cake and chocolate frosting or peanut butter and chocolate. yum!


Loving the detail.....


And loving the colors.....


Buzzz... buzz......... paint....... paint!


Cupcake time in the garden!


And the finished pieces fresh from the "Bakery"!


A happy creator of a beautiful cake!!


Another beautiful... Matisse like cake!

IMG_3707Pink and pink and wonderful!!

IMG_3708More fresh baked cakes of bliss!  ( Mom in pic is my good friend from college days at Samford! Can you believe it's been 20 years ago Lisa???) WOW! It's been so special to have her daughter here and also see Lisa..... all the way from Pennsylvania!


Loving that Mickey Mouse and cupcakes on curvy pedestals and cupcakes made as a gift for their cousin!


The imagination... and color.....

We definitely have amazing artists!


IMG_3721  It's a continual joy to see each day what these girls create in their sweet minds and then what is placed on canvas and made into something of such whimsy and frolick and color and beauty.

IMG_3725After camp... paint brushes washed...... floors swept..... cups cleaned..... tables set for Day 4 of camp..... with fresh canvases.  Ready. Set. Go.... tomorrow is:

Paris Fashion Girl Day!

Can't wait to see what's created tomorrow from these wonder-filled and very artistic girls!!