It's TIME!


A little Birdie told me the other day that it's time!! Time to get back to my blog writing and time for ART CAMP!  YIPEEE!


So with the preparations for art camp, we have been doing some  "summer" cleaning.


And now, the time is here!  ART camp starts tomorrow!  I have had the best time getting everything ready:

setting the tables... laying out brushes and canvas....gathering inspirational items...


... baking flower designed sugar cookies to go with Monday's theme,  "Garden Party".  We are going to paint big bright whimsy bouquets of flowers!




I am so happy about this art camp with these girls that I'm giddy with excitement..... all the words above describe my feelings right now. 

There is something so special about doing this art camp.  It combines several parts of my life that I have been doing the past 16 years or so.  For 9 years I worked as a Girl's Youth leader at a church and loved those days!  I loved going on retreats and leading Bible studies, having the "Daisy Tea" and "Sparkle Night" and just hanging out with girls.  And then after my "youth days",  Mike and I headed into babyland  via Russia with the adoption of Sam.  My heart still skips a beat when I think of the first day we met our little baby Sam, Valentines day in 2003.  With adoption of Sam and staying at home, I started painting bit by bit and then the bit by bit started growing into art shows and galleries, etc.  So, here I am in 2010... now starting art camps with girls.  And now I have my own dear little girl that inspires me with Rosie girl stuff daily!

It's a sweet blessing straight from God that I can weave together the love of painting and  art and God's creativity and share it with budding art girls!  It's a dream come true!

So tonight I'll pray for these young artists and that God will smile upon this art camp in flower-filled, wonderful ways!

Stay tuned for art camp updates this week!!