Turtle Love


Beach time!

Ocean is still blue here on 30-A.... the Gulf of Mexico is still showing it's beauty and every single day we are thankful for these blue skies and blue waters.  Who knows what the days ahead will be like for this area... will the oil reach these shores?  I still pray and hope and pray and hope that winds will shift oil away. 

Basically the BEST thing is to hope for the BEST and PRAY!

And with that being said..... here is the sweet  Sea Turtle.

And she has a little message to say:

Dear Friends of 30-A,

We are here, though you may not see us. We ask.... that you protect us.  This place is very special...

It's where we have our babies. It's our hometown. This is our only water, our only sea.  It's all we have. Please protect us.

Thank you.


the sea turtles