Sense of Place



Summer... that word makes me smile. And it is coming soon.  Which means... beach, bike rides, blue sky, blue blue blue... sunshine.... sun-kissed faces. laughter.

And summer takes us down that road to 30A.

Found these old photos from when we stayed in Seagrove, Florida, November 2006. Sam was just 4 and looking through the pics makes me remember even more deeply.. why I love this place.


Yes, it's very special.. holds many memories. much beauty. much love. family. dreams. hopes. creativity. life. bike rides. laughter. kindness. gentleness. sunshine. blue sky. blue water. God's wonder-land in pure form.


And so with that love for this place of 30A, I am sketching and painting more reasons why I love this special beach. I'm adding sea turtles, dolphins, seagulls, sandpipers....God's sweet creation.

And remembering clearly.... God gave us his creation to care for and protect.


And I want to help protect a little spot of God's creation that is glorious, has a road named 30A, calls the Gulf of Mexico it's ocean, and is a precious gift.


So in this time of watching and praying and waiting and hoping this "black mud" will NOT reach the shore,  I will paint some sea turtles and sandpipers and dolphins and give them a voice on canvas and let them speak.  It may sound silly to some, but to me, I think art can be powerful.  It can tell a story in the simplest of ways,  give joy and cheer, offer courage and hope. It can speak to the soul. And sometimes, in events like the one we are walking through with the Gulf, it can give a voice when we feel voice-less.


 I'll paint some favorite beach spots and remember how much I don't want to take this "sense of place" for granted.  I want to enjoy it and love it but with that comes a fierce protection of the area that I love dearly. 


So as summer approaches, I'm dipping my brush in paint with thoughts on the Gulf.

Our family will be packing up to head down there soon.  And I think this time I will see the ocean in all it's




and magic a deeper, more gracious and grateful way.