Peace and Marriage


Mike and I just celebrated our 12 year anniversary and for this year, we made plans for a little getaway. We went to "peace land"...  Or it could be called the "magic land"... "farm land"....  "Bird chirp land". It was one of those sweet times of just getting away from the regular to-do of life and embracing the simple quietness, just having the two of us.  And as we drove down the interstate and into the country, winding down dirt roads, we were heading into a place with zero internet connection and little phone line connection, and.......

the busyness of life came to a halt.


And it was...



We spent our days reading, swimming, biking, fishing.


We watched the stars at night..... oh, the stars. Sometimes it's easy to forget how many are up there in this God amazing universe.

It was spectacular.


We journeyed to Callaway Gardens.  Rode bikes to Hansel and Gretel Lands. 


Walked into a quiet church.


And found pretty flower meadows.


And the secret barn.


Foxgloves... have to be top 5 in favorite!


More of the secret barn gazing.   Foxgloves surrounding a happy little barn that is begging for a barn dance!


We rode our bikes through the woods and through pathways with Magnolias in bloom everywhere.  Magnolias... ok, I think they have won my favorite scent in the entire world.  There is something almost fairy like riding bikes through bright green woods filled with that heaven like lemon scent.   If only it could be bottled and taken back to Birmingham.

But I do think in heaven, we will have Magnolia trees and smell that lemon scent.  It's another sweet present that God gives us through his amazing and playful creation.


Peach orchards with baby peaches just beginning to grow. 


And those special tissue papery- red/orange petals with tint of pink: Poppy.

I could spend days looking at poppies, dreaming of barn dances, walking through gardens, smelling Magnolias and riding bikes through yet... another discovered "Magic Land." 

So in the little imaginary book that has been written in my head, the title is called "Finding the Magic Lands".

Criteria for Magic Lands:

a. Air  has to be fresh with the sea or mountains or green woods.

b.  Nature all around.

3. Flowers and gardens.

4. Pathways and roads ready for a bike ride!

5. Buildings that are made with love.

6. Stone or wooden bridges over lakes or bays or little streams.


So far on the list:

1. 30A Florida....... it is just..... m a g i c.

2. Fairhope, Alabama

3. And now: Callaway Gardens. 

So nice to have a little getaway with dear husband of 12 years. So nice to find another magic land with him.

And it's perfect to have a vacation that lasts long enough to relax and then so excited to return and see our kids, holding them... hugging them... ready to re-enter the world. And a BIG thank you to Gee Gee and Da for taking care of the kiddies so we could have this getaway!

We all need a dose of getaways once in a while. Even if it's just reading our favorite book for an evening or sitting in the sunshine for a few quiet moments. 

Hope you all are enjoying this May and having some quiet moments here and there....... The sunshine of summer is round the corner!!