Georgia On My Mind


A Glimpse into a Georgia weekend:

The weekend started with some scary weather and power outages on Saturday.  However,  even with some stormy Georgia weather on Saturday,  the sun came up on Sunday and made the art show sparkle!


Amazing how days can change drastically.... one minute it's cloudy and full of thunder and lightning.  The next minute ( or rather the next day)  it's absolutely beautiful.  Picture above shows pretty little pathways that weave around the park.


And with an art show, a cute red wagon filled with none other than the famous, Pizza Farm pizza!


Rosie and Sam had a blast .... riding ponies, eating cotton candy....running all around....


Taking a train ride....


Sliding down inflatables...


And from kid fest to an outdoor art class.  Loved watching these girls create!


They were all little artists!


A perfect day to spend some time painting outside.


So special to have my friend Gretchen ( in middle) with her kids.  Gretchen and I have known each other since first grade.  And it's funny, because I remember having a birthday party in the same park when we were around her youngest daughter's age.


Beautiful sweet creations!  Colors look like candy!


So happy, bright and full of whimsy!


And speaking of whimsy... here are my whimsy helpers!! Peggy ( a dear friend of our family) and my mom helped with the art class and with the art selling. Thank you to both of you! You both made the day run smoother and with more frolick! Love the tropical drinks.:)


After art show, we packed up and headed home. Whew! A lot happened in one day!

We set up tent, sold art, kids played, rode horses, jumped around, ate fair food, had art class, cleaned up art class, packed up tent, packed up clothes, ate dinner ( thanks mom!)  and headed back to Birmingham.

A long full happy day equals a good rest on the ride home.