Country Roads


On our way home from Cedartown, we took a little journey down a country road because it was just too pretty to pass by.

The sunlight was perfectly casting it's soft glow and the cows were dotting the field, so we just drove along and took in the views.


Don't you love these cows?  Wonder what they are thinking?


When I think of a heaven like glow...... I picture this.


And when I think of peace... I picture this.


And the clouds.....make me think of......"Every cloud is a flag to Your faithfulness."  ( Psalm 57)


And when I think of these cows....

I smile.

Dear country cows,

Thanks for letting us take pictures of you.  Can we paint you?  I think Mike may paint you with watercolor.  And I may add some acrylic portraits of you all too.

Happy grass eating and frolicking in your buttercup meadow!