Sometimes I don't realize all the beauty around our little spot in Birmingham until I venture out on a spring day.

And this is what we found 7 minutes from our house....... enchanted picnic spot, bike paths, creek.....


And a secret tunnel.


Another blue sky day and perfect day to live outside... so that is what we did.


I think the kids could have played in the stream all day.


Another spring wonder-filled day.

Loving these days. Loving these moments. 

Mike and I were talking on the way home how much fun we had and how we need to explore more great places like that one.  I'm sure there are secret lands ( close to home) out there!

So our motto for summer 2010, "Discover Birmingham....... Finding the Magic!  Since Birmingham is called, "The Magic City"... why not look for more of it:) Will keep you updated.