Turning Eight


We had a great weekend celebrating Sam's eighth birthday! Can't believe he is now an official eight year old. Have to just pause for a second and let that soak in.  I think it will take some time though...  To celebrate Sam's special day, we had an army party.   And the best part... an army mission in the forest! ( aka Moss Creek Preserve)


Mike invented the most amazing game and I still smile thinking about all the fun we had that day.... the kids hiked and searched for guns and snacks, bandaged the wounded and also found a POW in the woods. ( POW was my brother!)  It was really funny! Some of the kids even believed that the "enemy soldiers" had tied him up. 


Gotta love that kid like imagination!  It was definitely my favorite birthday party for our little Sam.... and what is better for eight year olds than being a soldier, carrying a weapon, wearing war paint, and hiking rocky trails and discovering new lands..... then add that special kid imagination and swirl it all together and you get a super magical time.


And you get army masks too!


Rosie was a great soldier girl.... she was keeping up with the big kids and loving every minute!


Soldiers heading to waterfall and finding the POW.

Da ( aka Army Commander) and Gee Gee were great helpers with our adventure in the woods.  Thank you Gee and Da for all your hiking and support of our birthday adventure:)  We couldn't have done this birthday without you.

IMG_2477 And thank you Brent for being our videographer/ POW.  You did a great job:)  Plus, Rosie was really worried about you when you were captured!


And from army mission to opening presents.....and of course, lollipops!


Then later in the evening, campfire time and roasting marshmallows.


Being with friends and cousins...


It really was a magical weekend.  And now my little Sam is eight.  So what will this year bring for him?

May it be full of adventures, laughter and love... and lots of imagination!