It all started in.....



My hometown. 

April 2004.  Six years ago.

  First Art Show. ( picture above)

Was just thinking about my upcoming show in two weeks. It's a sentimental type of show on several levels. It's in my little hometown where the memories of childhood, teenage land come rolling back in the sweetest and kindest of ways. I grew up in a town that was like a family.  Our church, friend's houses, grocery were only 5 minutes away.  We had cook outs on weekends, rode our bikes to friends house and always made that time for one another. There was a closeness that is unique only to small town living.  I cherish my childhood especially now that I live in the suburbs of a bigger city.  I love my "new" town....though I have lived here in Birmingham for 20 years, but the years in Cedartown carry a precious depth and love that I will always be thankful for.  I do miss those special qualities which make a small town what it is. 

So in two weeks, our little Robinson clan will be heading to the beautiful park of Cedartown, called Peek Park ( the park is named after a dear family I grew up with) and we'll set up my tent, hang my art and spend the weekend seeing old friends, painting with children, and laughing over memories of childhood. 

And with my sentimental moment right now... I thought it would be fun to go back through my photo album and see how the art has changed and how it has grown through the years.  The first REAl art show I had was in Cedartown. 2004. I remember it being a rainy weekend, soggy and chilly.  Sam was only 2 years old and I remember that giddy feeling of having my art displayed. It was a vulnerable time... and happy time all mixed together. Thoughts went through my mind.. "Would people like my art?" "What in the world am I doing?"and many other questions and doubts. The beginning in art land actually came from a little business my mom and I started the year before in 2003. We started hand painting children's furniture and selling it in small shows.  But the moving and packing and carrying furniture was not that simple, and I started painting on wooden boards and then canvas.

Step by step, my confidence started to grow and the furniture business gave way to art on canvas.  My small career started to form and little did I know where it would take me down the road.  But one thing I knew was that I loved painting.  It was as if this entire new side of me started to bloom and grow.  And a big reason for that began in Cedartown.  It was that specific show where my friends supported me, bought my paintings and I felt a new boost and energy and excitement.

Cedartown, my hometown, was where it all started.    It gave me more of the belief, "Wow, maybe I could do this art thing!".


( Cedar Valley Art Show, Cedartown, 2005)

Then the next year, 2005 gave me more excitement... more clarity that this is what I absolutely love doing.


Fun to see paintings that I was creating 5 years ago!


Sam in 2005... what a cutie! 


( Cedartown 2006)

( Cedartown, 2007)


( 2008)

Wow... so this is a little meandering down memory lane. Sometimes, it's nice to look back and remember where it all started.

Thank you Cedartown friends for your support and encouragement and in helping me start the painting journey. I'm looking forward to another wonderful weekend, in one of the most beautiful town parks in Georgia, seeing old friends and being once again in that unique family type atmosphere!