Weekend Show and Art Camp Info!


Art Camp is coming this summer!! Can't wait! It's going to be full of creativity and paint, imagination and fun!  You can go to my website to find out more info and download the registration form.  Camp is almost full so email me if you are interested and have questions. Thanks!


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From Art Camp to Art Show...

First of all... it was a perfect sunshine day... 70 degrees... blue blue sky.  I cherish these days because I know they are just for spring time!

One of the highlights of the show day was working with my friend Paula and my mom!  It's always special having friends and family at this show because it's in town and the only one I have in Birmingham.  Paula was the financial wizard of the day and kept the credit machine zipping away and also helped in the selling of paintings with her happy bubbly spirit.  Her kids are also Sam and Rosie's great friends so it was really fun to have her as the art show helper!  One of her little sons ( she is mom of three boys!) told her in the morning that she better put on her "art suit" so she wouldn't get paint on her nice dress.  He has the kindest little spirit.. he was trying to take care of his mommy:)
And my sweet mom took care of the kiddies and also helped out with the show too and she is my "advisor" on art stuff which is a bonus! Thank you mom and Paula for all your help that day...And  of course, Mike too!  He is the tent builder and painting hanger and all the other super things of designing the website, cards, stickers, art camp brochure.

I couldn't do all this without support of my dear family and friends.  And also, I wouldn't be painting if it wasn't for all of you out there with your encouragement and support of buying my art.  It means so much to me when I have little girls, college girls, families come up to me at the show and tell me about the painting they bought several years ago and still enjoy it.  That makes my heart sing!   Meeting all of you out there is another highlight of my weekend.  It's the best part to painting and creating art because I get to see the smiles and meet people and girls with green and pink frolicky dresses and little boys with lollipops.  It's a great day!

Thank you!  A big hug to you all!