Most Wonderful Fairy Tale


The sun is out.. the flowers are in bloom.. It's spring!  And with that....Rosie and I headed to one of the prettiest places.....Birmingham Botanical Gardens.


Cherry blossom Avenue.

Have loved this walkway for years.  And even dreamed about getting married underneath these pink blossoms.  It was so special to show Rosie one of my all time favorite gardens and I'll never forget discovering this magical place in college.  From fall of 1989,  I've been coming to it ever since.  There are certain places that I've specifically named because they are so unique and English romantic garden-esk.  It's all just beautiful....dream like.


Cherry Blossoms..... one of my favorite trees ever.  They run a close race with the Dogwood.   And when I think about God creating these trees, it makes me think that God absolutely loves whimsy-ness beauty!


I can't help but think of light pink puffy dresses when I see these trees... they are magical!


And the petals... oh, they create a pathway of pink laughter!


Another perfect spot to get married... My all time favorite area of these gardens it through this arbor gate. It's entrance is from the rose garden into the secret antique rose garden.  Love hidden places and secret gardens.


Had my 30th birthday party right here:)


Oh, those puffy pink trees... I will never tire of them.  And with the gazing and looking at trees and petals of pinks, yellows and lavenders, all of God's amazing handicraft world.... I can agree with Hans Christian Anderson, "Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale."