Green Eggs and Sam


Easter time egg land!  I had these visions of colorful and pretty Easter eggs dancing in my head... but then after a few minutes of egg coloring and and bowls becoming science experiments, I realized I had to give up some of that " colorful egg idea".  

I always need to remember before Egg dying time: 

1."Let it go".....

2. Just let things be...

3. Let the kids have fun:) ( notice in pic what Sam is doing to his hands.  Army green egg dye does not come off very easy) oh well, one more thing to "let go". 

4. Remember to take "the craft of egg dying" outside.


Sparkles and glitter go well with the eggs!


The scientist in action with the green eggs "stew".


 Rosie and I managed to capture some pretty eggs before they hit the "green stew".


The special eggs:   "Sam I am"  and his green eggs.