Swirls and Twirls of Easter


Easter weekend in Georgia.... swirls and twirls seems to be a good title!  It was a whirlwind... but a wonderful whirlwind with our family!    On days like Easter Sunday, 2010.. I wish I could slow down time and savor those moments a little longer, but it's good to have photos.. and it makes for some laughs too!

IMG_2222 Starting with Easter pics after church... oh, just to get one good picture. Not that easy. Because we have the pony tail pulling/ mischief-ness. 


More mischief making.. and blue gum chomping...


Gotta love that Rosie smile... big wad of blue gum in mouth.  Doesn't Sam look so happy? ( umm.. the half smile)


More gum...


Big Brother hug....squeezzzzeee


And the big bro... arm squeezzee:)

Then on to the Easter egg hunt!

Nana and Da helping with the egg hunting.


And the little cotton candy pink dress girl...

And ending with Sam's birthday wishes!

I will definitely remember this Easter...... and savor these days... even amid the hair pulling, arm squeezing... hugging... pushing... etc.  I love the ages of 3 and 7. Can I freeze the ages just for a few more months?

Easter Sunday: It was so special to be with both our sets of parents.. Gee Gee and Da and Nana and Papa. The kids decorated the bunny cake, hunted for Easter eggs and Sam blew out his 8 candles on the bunny cake. And we ended the day with a big Easter dinner with family and friends.  It was one of those memorable days filled with lots of hugs and good food and colored eggs and chocolate bunnies and family time and new and old friends.  One word to describe the day: Cherished.

As we headed back to Birmingham, the sun was setting and casting the prettiest light on the trees and on my favorite curvy, tree tunnel, little road that heads to Cave Spring, Georgia and then on to Birmingham.  Mike and I talked about the day and the festive-ness and the sweetness with family and friends. And when it's all said and done, the entire reason for the day is...

Jesus.... truly without Him in my life, heart and soul... it would not be what it is now....full and artsy and forgiven and love-filled... He has come to honestly give the most wonderful life. It's not easy all the time, there are those dark days.. days of suffering and tears....but it's the BEST life. And my heart is full of thank you's....with little words that mean so much: Jesus,  love, grace, Mike, Sam, Rosie, my parents, Mike's parents, my brother and family, Cherry blossom trees,... and the list goes on and on..) And so we traveled down the curvy road to Alabama and the sun light soon gave way to that comforting but dazzling twilight blue.  I looked behind my seat in the van and saw little cotton candy pink dress Rosie sound asleep and Sam happily snapping pictures with his new camera......and I whispered "thank you's" into that Georgia night sky.

Jesus:  "I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly"

Thank you, Jesus.