Sunshine + 75 degrees = Bliss


This's been perfect outside! The kind of sunshine and blue sky that makes me just want to be outside all day.


Headed out into the sunshine for my morning time....reading, writing..etc.

Here are the tools of the morn:

The Awe Manac.... I read this book almost daily because it's 365 days of fun quotes and questions... it has famous people's birthdays in it and their inspiring words and stuff like that.  I love it!  ( thanks mom for the Christmas gift!)  And then my pencil box.( with the bird artist on it).  This box is very dear.... it's from my mother in law, Patty... thank you!  I use it every day and keep my special colored pens in it.  Then the Message Bible... have been reading Psalms and love this version.  It makes Scripture so fresh and wonder-filled. And then journal.. green one underneath bird box.  Have been using journals since 6th grade.  I have to write daily...  it's therapy and fun all mixed together.  And as for a journal... it has to be a certain size... and definitely blank ( no lined)  pages. 

And then stickers are always a special little add on for journal flair.   And last but not least... the iphone.  I think that little piece of "gadgetry"  is apple genius. 

So, that's my daily morning ritual... one thing missing.  Coffee cup!  Coffee and a blank page to write on.... .it's bliss to me:)
  And one thing in this wonder-land season that makes the gateway fragrance for spring:

The most beautiful smell and little flower: the Hyacinth.

Now, that pretty much sums up the essence of spring fragrance to me! 

Happy Holy Week!