Art Night: Part one!


Art Night!..... What a fun way to spend a Friday night!!  And the creativity was flowing and the buzz and the excitement was thick in the air! I just cant' wait to show you what everyone created! Each canvas turned into a piece of Fairyland.... full of frolick and fun and beauty and so here we go with the pics!!! Caution: You may want to make something after you see these creations and it's pretty messy too! But that's the fun!!



Love this pic!!  Here is our friend on left.... Abby.! We call her the "Mary Poppins babysitter!" .. she is so wonderful with our kiddies and is always doing  creative projects with them!  And then in middle is Sam's amazing, best teacher ever!..seriously, she is truly one of kind, full of so much energy and joy!  And on the right, Sam's wonderful student teacher!  So fun, because all three of them are teachers and made beautiful paintings! Thank you Abby, Amanda and Annie for being such a special part in my kid's lives!  Just realized... you are all A names!  A listers!


Sisters.. Shannon and Kelly....... oh, they make me laugh!!! Have known Shannon ( on left) since college days! Lots of funny stories... fun memories!!


Amanda put cards on side of her "Alice in Wonderland" painting.. super idea!


Daphney and her "Sex and the City" dress.  How unique and creative!! Love this dress..... with all the blue and glitter! Makes me want to travel to New York City!


And oh, this dress is from the pages of Curious George book! Love it! Think it looks like an Anthropologie dress:)


Fashion Divas, Emily and Ruth...and their dresses!  Both are fun, whimsy Alice in Wonderland! 


The  "Alice Dress".....Amanda put her favorite quotes on it... am still wanting to read all of them! This dress makes me smile!


And all these dresses!  They are pure frolick and fairy tale!  And these girls I had never met until art night.. so special to meet new friends and see their texture filled, beautiful creations! Thank you Vanessa, Lucy, Daphney, and Molly for coming over to a stranger's house and painting! You all added sparkle to the night!!

More frolick!  Train... do you see it?  Ellen has two boys so dresses just don't really go... so the train was a  perfect idea! Loved it!  And Annie made a sweet heart with a Rumi quote on the background.  Love the dresses! And the blue background one is filled with cookbook pages... so clever! and the pink ones are pure sweetness!  Three girls on left, Anne, Ellen adn Sarah were in the youth group back in the days when I was the girl's youth director.  Oh, we have many fun memories packed into their high school years.  It's really special to have such dear friendships with each one of them.


Grace ,on left, made a beautiful sunrise with her favorite Scripture.... love the colors.... stunning! And Betty made a Pride and Prejudice dress for her niece. I just love them both.... Grace, Betty and their creations!


And Katie made a "Little Women" dress... sweet and pure... so absolutely perfect!  Makes me want to start reading "Little Women" right now!


Sweet Home Alabama! This is my "up the street" friend, Paula,  who's sons are Sam's best friends! Paula made the perfect painting! She has three boys so dress painting.. hmm.. just wouldn't fit in boyland.  I love the Sweet Home Alabama... it makes me very happy and actually proud to live in this southern state:)

When I look at all these paintings, I am just amazed by the individuality, the story that goes into each one, the love and thought that goes into the paint and canvas... THE BEST PART is seeing their happy faces as they looked at their finished creation.

Hanging out with sweet friends, lots of paint, torn book pages and glue... glitter and good food and drinks..turned a regular Friday night into a truly magical one.

Thank you all for coming!  You all made it SO MUCH FUN!