Airstream Avenue


Only in a quaint little town will you find an "Avenue" of  silvery Airstreams. It's kind of like the downtown.... the mainstreet.  And at night, the trees lining the sidewalk sparkle with twinkle lights.  Where is this airstream twinkle light place?


I mean really.... where is another place like this?  It will always be a wonder land to me. I don't think I will ever tire of it.   And to think, we were just there a week ago riding bikes and eating ice cream.  Now we are back in the 'ham and in the swing of day to day life..... laundry, homework, painting.... playing... eating popcorn... ( watching Lost)... etc. Funny how time bee bops on.


The color.... the color!


And the cupcake airstream....


Love how bikes are just part of the town.... it's as European as you can get on the panhandle of Florida.  Look at that guy riding the bike... he is kind of Euro... black coat... bike.......(he's probably French.) or maybe just from Alabama. (smile).

Oh, by the way, I met two French men in Fairhope and they were visiting the states.  They walked straight to my "map girl" painting and told me they were happy I placed the " Paris Girl" in the middle of the other map girls ( Rome, Venice, New York, Tokyo.)  Talking to them made me happy... I wanted to break out my French and say, "On va la montagne? That is really one of the only phrases I know!

Kind of random post... hope you all are having a great day!