Colors of Cheer...and...


What FUN to see this box outside my door yesterday! Just ordered some Cath Kidston stuff from the UK and it is here!


These plates are pure cheer!


And the bag is  "Electric Flowers" merriment!


Tea/coffee cups are now part of my morning routine.


Perfect little flowers in my favorite colors on a perfect little tea cup:  is guaranteed to start a good day! ( even if the policeman just stopped me for ( slightly) running a stop sign!)  Not only did he stop me, but he stopped me in the parking lot of the church preschool where Rosie goes to school.  He was actually waiting in the parking lot for someone to run the sign. Let's just say, it was the "event" of the morning with flashing lights and all!  As I was waiting for the officer to "write my ticket", I looked over to the church building and saw a row of kids in the window with their faces pressed against the glass. I'm assuming they were intrigued by the excitement outside their "land".  And I think it was Rosie's class! She'll have a lot to share with her little friends! But thankfully, the policeman walked back to my van and only gave me a warning.  He said, " I was about to write you a ticket and then decided to just give you a warning, I don't know why I did that, but you just have a warning. Be careful. "

Thank you officer! Thanks for giving me a second chance with that stop sign and for that dose of grace!  The police department just went up in stock in my opinion!

Now off to drink some more "pink" coffee!