Random Happy


Sun is out! I don't know if you're like this.. but weather totally affects my mood. Sunny days put a spring in my step. Cloudy days make me sleepy! If I lived in Seattle, I'd sleep alot.... with coffee mug in hand!

So for welcoming spring... want to have a list of  "Random Happy" for March 23, 2010.

1. Happy tall cake!

I want to make one just like that..... kind of all wonky and imperfect!  Will make that for Art Night this Friday night!  Oh, and speaking of art night.  This night is filled up! But I'll have another one in May and then summer ones too! I have many ideas swirling around for future art nights.  So you can keep up with the dates here or on my website. AND I have something very exciting I'm planning.... ART CAMP! Have decided to have a week of art for girls and we'll paint Paris things and fashion dresses and book dresses and flowers and guitars and special inspirations that can only come from girl land!  I'm really excited and will give all details as I get dates together.  But it will be a FUN week and I just hope I can fit all the art I want to share into just 5 days!


2. Guitar painting... this makes me so happy because the lady who bought it at Fairhope said that she usually does not buy art but had to buy it because it spoke to her.. and this is why:

Her husband plays the guitar ( his guitar in middle) and the blue represents her son and pink represents her daughter and she loves the color red! So, she said it was meant to be!  I LOVE hearing stories like that and it made me so happy to see her walk away with this painting and knowing that it was heading to a happy New Orleans family.


3. Ahhh, the porch hammock swing at the beach. Just makes me happy.....


4. Red Tractor. This was really special because it was the first tractor I ever painted and the girl who bought it... get this....

LIVES ON A FARM!  A real LIVE one!!  She was so sweet and bought this for her son's room!


5. Last but not least, a pretty window of daffodils.. they are popping up in our yard. So it's time to pick some!

Happy March day to you all!

photos: photos of cake and flowers