Fairhope: Storybook Cottage


Just returned from the dream land of Fairhope.  It was special in so many different ways. Highlights of the weekend: meeting the sweetest people, making new friends, seeing old friends, selling art, and last but not least, staying in our cottage.  We found our little cottage on VRBO ( Vacation Rental By Owner) and we had no idea what a treasure it was!  Imagine driving down a scenic tree lined road where each property has beautiful unique homes and the homes on the right hand side of the road are all on the bay.  The homes have long driveways lined with old Liveoaks and moss hanging down from the branches like Christmas tinsel.  Well, one of the homes ended up, to our surprise, being our cottage.  It was part of the property of a sweet family and they live in the main house. ( which is completely a Hansel and Gretel meets beautiful old southern home style) and they graciously rent their little cottage beside their house.  Pic above is the winding driveway that leads to the road from the house.... so pretty.


Our little cottage by the bay, Surprise Landing . And it was a surprise! We had no idea we were walking into another magic land.  (Looks like Rosie is being a little bird... tweet. tweet.)



The wharf...... beautiful light in the afternoon.  And you can see by the water it was a windy day!


The main house had a sculpture on the chimney ( if you look, you can see) the sculptured heron on top of the chimney with her little babies.


And the beloved Liveoak,  the circumference of the trunk measures some 35 feet wide.

A M A Z I N G.

If you put this cottage into the complete setting of the town with an art show too, it makes for a perfect weekend! 

Fairhope sits on a bluff above Mobile Bay and has many parks and gardens and there are flowers everywhere!  I read that they change out the flower beds in the town 4 times a year!  The residents LOVE their town.




This town called Fairhope, was founded in 1894 as a utopian single tax colony.  And it was perfectly named because they wanted to give a "Fair chance of hope that the city would survive on hopes and dreams". No wonder famous artists like Fannie Flagg and the author of Forest Gump and many other writers, artists, musicians have all shared that special 36532 zipcode. Truly a very unique and fairy land of it's own right.

It's a wonderful thing to discover new little places and then return to them loving them even more than the first time.

Dear Fairhope,

Thank you little town for being exactly how you were created.... a place of hopes and dreams.



pics from here.