Finding Magic Lands

There really are magic lands all over..... and I have fallen in love with another one.

Fairhope, Alabama.

I love this town, have loved meeting the warm, sweet people who live here and work here and play here and come here to wander the flower lined streets filled with arts and craft of many kinds.

And I love to see the sparkle in someone's eye when they look at a painting and smile with that kind of smile that says "this art makes me happy."

Today, I saw sparkles in people's eyes.  


The past few months have been a whirlwind of painting barns and cupcakes and flowers and guitars and dresses and coffee mugs... the list goes on... and now to see them find homes is extra sweet... almost a surreal sweet.  It's as if a piece of myself is walking off with the paintings that I put heart and love and dreams into.

So all you out there who have a painting from this show and who came by with that sparkle in your eye... thank you.  You have given me such frolicky happiness today and meeting you all makes what I do worth every single minute.


( pic above: Had to get this picture of the inspiring trio of women I met at the show. I noticed them because they each had a pretty oil cloth bag they were carrying.( Cath Kidston- esk) They were laughing and telling me how they bought the bags for their special trip to Fairhope!  I loved hearing stories of how they all met  and their "art show" trip they take even though they don't all live in the same state)  Great women....  I want to be like them when I grow up... laugh, be carefree, buy fun bags and take journeys with friends. The paintings above are ones they bought for their daughters! How sweet!) (... oh, and pic was taken by the one and only...Sam Robinson!)

Making stuff is delight! And then, having people actually like what I make is a hug from God.

Hugs to all you Fairhope art show peeps!