Beach, Fairhope, Art Show!


Pic taken a few days ago... but this is a glimpse into the chaos of packing and getting boxes ready to fed ex to the art show and also paintings priced and ready to go!  We are heading to Fairhope tomorrow for the art show! So if you are in the area, come over to a great big wonderful show of art and crafts and more art!  Supposed to be a beautiful weekend.... bright and sunny with 70 degree weather!  Perfect!!


New happy flower.... "Laugh" paintings.


Our beach time/ spring break time has been wonderful and I'll share some of my favorite pics of the past few days soon! 

I just love 30-A..... love love love it!  It is the HAPPY LAND!

( and for you all who live a little farther from this magic land..... they are opening a brand new airport only 35 miles from our favorite beach!) .... so it will be much more convenient for everyone! If I lived in New York... I'd be down here in a heart beat!  We just met some fellow beach spring breakers from New Jersey and they are loving this weather of course!  Can't wait to show you some magical pictures of sunshine and white sand dunes and bikes and wooden pathways!