The Little Ones


Amid the frenzy of day to day....  It's good to just sit back for a little bit and soak in this:

The kiddies......and those tiny moments that string together into Real Life.

Sometimes I get so busy with doing this and doing that... it makes me miss the little moments that sneak up on me.  Like the moment today... I was cutting out prices to go on paintings and then I looked over and noticed I had my "helper" sitting beside me cutting her "prices" as well.  She followed me all around the house talking about art and beach and sleeping in the bunk beds.   A reminder for the need to slow down.  The need to throw aside some of my "to do lists"... and just sit with her, cut out  random things and draw some happy girls with beach clothes on.



 And with the slowing down.... I notice more smiles..... and a gentleness wraps around our family.  Honestly, when I'm hustling and bustling... I lose the gentleness and lose the patience.  So, it's a good thing for me to regroup and remember what really matters- those tiny moments. And my "mommy heart" grows deeper.


Thankful for the little moments made by our little flower garden, Sam and Rosie.

Happy day to you!