Seaside Time


It's getting closer.

Closer to heading to 30A magic land.

Closer to Spring Break.

Closer to Sunshine Days.

Ready. Set. Go! The Countdown is on!

And with the countdown, thought it would be fun to paint some Seaside places that we love.

First Stop. Post Office. 


Second Stop.  Modica Market.  I can't actually paint the "Real Modica Market" but it's fun to paint something that resembles it.  This market in Seaside is like a 1930's Grocery store.  It's always a treat to walk in and just look around at the unique style and the fun food!


And sometimes on my way to the beach in the mornings, I stop and get some coffee at the Modica!  Just makes the adventure doubly sparkly!

And so with these crazy, wonky paintings, we are getting ready for the adventures of beach time!!!