Party and Button Flowers


This weekend was full of celebrating.... we had a fun party for our niece, ate birthday cake ( special BARBIE birthday cake) and then made button flowers in the evening.  


Something so special in the making of little flowers out of buttons and paper with my nieces and mom. Just makes me happy.

The making.....the designing station.


The materials....


And finished creation!


Happy Happy Flowers!


If you want to make button flowers... it's so easy!

So here we go!  Head to craft store.... buy fun buttons, floral wire, flowers in scrapbook section.  Hobby Lobby is perfect place to find button flower treasures!


Design your flower and string on the wire....


Pull wire through the top of flower and then make sure you have a button on bottom of flower to hold it in place. Then, twist the wire!  Voila! Your flower is created!


We had a blast making these!  It was so much fun creating them and picking out buttons and flower petals! It's a little glimpse into how God must feel when he creates such amazing, colorful flowers everywhere! I wonder if he is in pure delight over his Spring time creations? I would think so! And then take the thought to an entire new level when He creates reflections of Himself... people.. us!

And speaking of people... above bouquet is my sweet mom's.  And thanks to my mom, she was the one who saw the button flowers that I bought at one of my favorite stores, Minervas. She looked at them and said, "Oh, these are so cute, let's make some!... we can do this!" So then, we headed to the store and gathered our materials.  So with my mom's "Let's go!" attitude, now we have these frolicky button bouquets!


They are really simply happy flowers.  Try some this week and let me know if you make some!! 

I promise they'll brighten your day!