More Farm Frolicking...

So excited about the barn painting that is "Fresh off the Easel"!

It's funny because I started with a small barn, then a bigger size and now.... it's the big 36"X36" square canvas.  I put a lot of LOVE into this painting... and lots of time and detail... so not really sure if I want to sell it. But if I do,  whoever buys it will have to have some whimsy in their life!


It's very busyyyy!  But there is a lot to see... so you have to look at the detail... like the birds... do you see them?

The baaaa cotton candy sheep that looks like a puff dog.  The little miniature horse..... the guitar, banjo and fiddle!  The kids are square dancing... mom and dad are playing the fiddle and banjo!
 And the best part was making up the poem for the painting.   Straight from my heart... it starts like this:

"One day I dream.........


of having a little farm with my family. 

In Summer, we'd run in a field of sunflowers by day,

catch fireflies by night. Listen to crickets on sunset kissed evenings

and watch clouds and birds float through the air.


In Autumn, we'd jump in a pile of leaves

and square dance in the red barn on Friday nights.

We'd sing with the cows,

waltz with the sheep

and gaze under starry skies.


In Winter, we'd cook soups and bake bread,

scatter birdseed for our feathered friends. 

We'd make music with banjo and fiddle,

sing with friends by fireside,

and drink hot chocolate on frosty nights.


In Spring, we'd paint under the cherry blossom,

plant a garden,

play hide and seek

build a fort

and fill the air with song and laughter.

We'd dream, skip, run, create, write, hop, jump, plant, give, laugh, sing, and just be.....

All under God's beautiful smile."

That sums it up! ...... maybe when I'm 75,  I'll have a red barn and square dance with my "walker"!

But you never know what life brings.  It's fun to dream

... fun to imagine...

but the best part... is living in the here and now and enjoying the laughter in my own happy house... making stuff with paper and paint.... singing with the kiddies... and dancing around just for the love of it.

This life....

is a gift...

may we make the BEST of it!