Rosie and the Mini Horse


Rosie is at the grandparents this week and having a blast.  But I miss her. I miss our "make up/ getting ready" routine in the morning and her funny little ways.  I miss having my friend/Rosie/daughter) bopping around the house and wearing her Minnie Mouse outfit while riding her bike.   But she'll be back on Friday:) So she's not gone too long. In the meantime, I'll look at some fun pics.

This photo was taken in the fall at our friend's farm.  It's the most wonderful and happiest of farms.....there are miniature horses  ( pic above:Rosie is riding) and angora bunnies and angora goats! It's one of those magical farms...The kind where you might just see some tiny fairies in the garden.


Rosie.... checking out this horse.  It almost looks like they are having a little conversation.  

And this little horse has a baby... you can see it in the background. So sweet!

Fun farm animals and hay and barns...... spells....... happy!.....hmmm. I wonder if we could have a little miniature horse stay in our backyard?  It could play with Sam and Rosie and the neighbor kids, eat the grass, talk with our dog and enjoy "suburbia life".  But then again, there is not much room to run and be "frolicky".  But if this horse could be like "Ferdinand" ( the book about the bull)...then it would just "sit just quietly under the cork tree and smell the flowers". 

Happy March Day to you!