Inspiration LuLu


It's always exciting to find new inspiration whether that's through a new artist, a painting, favorite stores (anthropologie), nature, friends, fashion, food, etc.  I just discovered  LuLu and she is absolutely creative! Love her entire process of how she creates designs for textiles.  She does everything by hand ( as shown in pic above) and does not use the computer for any of her designs. I love it that she creates  the "old fashioned way" and the reason is  because of her visiting a small artisanal mill in France. She said,  "The men worked by hand in the detail oriented manner of another time." The French really know some secrets of handmade beauty.  And it was that little mill which inspired her career and she realized what she wanted to do in life. She said, "I wanted to merge the artistry and craft of the old world with the youthful modernity and joie de vivre of the new."


These are hand painted butterflies..... she said she made 1000's of them and now wants to actually create a butterfly garden outside her son's window.  What a great idea!!  Inspires me to paint butterflies and make a butterfly garden this spring!


And my favorite of these photos.... It is whimsy and playful... a chair with blue stars, butterflies, her boys, tulips, and the black and white of LuLu taking a walk.  A great picture of spring!!  It's refreshing to learn from others and see that sometimes the old fashion way of doing things is the very best and really the most beautiful.

Yea for LuLu! 

AND...Yea for MARCH swinging in.... hope to see some green buds soon and not too long.... butterflies!