Pom Pom Days


Pom poms were floating from our ceilings this weekend!  I have loved these photos ( see below)


 Scissors_paper_cake1[1] pink daisy cupcake

of  tissue paper pom poms hanging from barn rafters and trees and chandeliers, so decided to find out how to make some.  Thought it would be fun to bring an "early spring" to the house with paper flowers.  So looked online.. found a great Martha Stewart site for making them and voila.... the pom pom factory began at the Robinson house! 


Everyone loved them... even Mike is "waltzing" in the background!  (not really sure what he is doing, but it does look like a dance!)



And my sweet pom pom girl!





Night soon settled in and the lanterns arrived from Hobby Lobby ( 50% off) yea!  So, now we had the glowing, festive atmosphere for dinner.  ( what you don't really see in this pic.... As I was taking these photos, Rosie and Sam were zooming around the dining room table on the scooter, round and round they went....and then Rosie fell off... you can see her on the floor if you look closely.  There is never a dull moment in this house! And I think the pom poms made the kids extra festive ( extra hyper!) 



Even with temps still going down to freezing at night and a possibility for snow this week, we have added some spring flair to our home and all it took was some tissue paper to make paper flowers and  Hobby Lobby discount paper lanterns for some spring time magic!

Happy March ONE to you!!