Book Dresses!


Before we get to Book Dresses.. wanted to say that it's Johnny Cash's birthday! Makes me smile because we love Johnny Cash and so we dressed up as June and Johnny Cash for this past Halloween.  We all had a blast...Rosie was Minnie Mouse, Sam of course something Star Wars/ Clone Trooper.  Kind of crazy talking about Halloween since we are on the verge of Spring.  And as far as Mike's hair..... he tried to get a genuine Cash look, but it actually looks like a long haired guinea pig is sitting on top of his head!


And here is the book dress painting! And MoMo peeking in the pic too!  I thought it would be fun to use one of my favorite books in a painting.  So, I got my book of books... Pride and Prejudice and started tearing out the pages and forming a dress ( I have to admit, it was hard tearing out the first page, but once I started... it was very freeing!)I tried to get the "look" of the dress like Elizabeth Bennett would wear, but it kind of looks like a baby doll dress.  Then I picked one of my favorite quotes... it's from the ever famous, Mr. Darcy.  ( BTW, only Colin Firth  can be the REAL Darcy).. no one else can take his place!

The quote from Darcy is this: "Elizabeth's spirit soon rising to playfulness again, she wanted Mr. Darcy to account for having ever falling in love with her.  "How could you begin?" said she.  Mr. Darcy..."I cannot fix on the hour or the spot or the look or the word, which laid the foundation. It was too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew I had begun."
   ..... isn't that romantic?... just love that story!!


Another Pride and Prejudice dress... this one has the pages in the background and some torn pages on the dress.


It was fun using fabric, book pages, and handmade paper.


Then one more "book dress".... this one has fun glittery sequins so it sparkles when light shines on it.. so fairy- like!


I can't wait to make an "Anne of Green Gables" one... a "Sound of Music" one would be great too!

Now, the REAL fun begins... A "Book Dress Art Party" is being planned for March 25 so all the Birmingham peeps are invited!We'll bring our favorite books, tear up pages and make book dresses!  Can't wait to see what the girls bring!If you're in Bham and want to come to the party.. email me and I'll save you a space!

 Just a few more days of Olympics so we'll savor the rest of the games.....It's sad when the Olympics end because we love these days and evenings of watching amazing athletes go after their dreams! It's been a super great Olympics!   We plan on being in front of the TV tonight, eating popcorn and cheering on Ohno and the rest of the Olympic gang!

Happy weekend to you all!