Country Bike Ride


Have been on a bike kick, dress kick, guitar kick lately...... ( book dresses will be arriving soon... but a little delay for a day or two).

So with the bike love, thought we'd go on an imaginary bike ride today.... It's called the:

"Wonder-land, fairy bike ride".

We'll head down a curvy tree lined path to a circular white barn..... great place to just rest a bit, take some photos, talk to the horses and gaze at the amazing structure.  I think the horses who live in there must sing and dance and fly onto puffy clouds if they get to stay in this storybook barn.


After barn resting we'll ride by meadows of  happy wildflowers.... they almost seem to be laughing and having their own party as we ride by.   We continue to ride and travel over hill and dale and pass meadows and rose gardens and barns and cows and flocks of sheep... until we head down a little lane to a perfect spot for an afternoon snack.


We drink some tea and have a very important food item on this bike adventure.....


Fairy bread..... it just goes perfectly with the day and with....


  the whimsy yellow polka dot and pink bike!  

photos: Daisy Pink CupcakeBraebourne farms