Lantern Fun


Paper Lanterns swinging around.... lighting an evening with color and glow.

So nice to look at GREEN and see LIFE in trees...... Spring is coming. I can feel it.  The robins were covering our yard today as they are making their journey back home.  Seasons are changing and the little birds know it deep within their bird bones and hearts.


Can't wait for spring hikes, camping under the stars, roasting marshmallows over the fire pit, and visits to the Botanical gardens when the flowers are in full happy bloom.


And oh, if I could only play one little instrument this spring.. .maybe the banjo. 


But a guitar would always be nice to play too!  It is a perfect campfire accessory!

The writing on the background of white guitar is one of my "verses" for this year 2010.

"And may the beauty of the Lord rest upon us; establish the work of our hands, yes, establish the work of our hands."
Psalm 90

Another version is "Let the loveliness of the Lord rest upon us; Confirm the work of our hands, yes, affirm the work of our hands. A great verse to remember as we do our "work".. whether it's washing dishes, sweeping the floor, typing, painting, writing, drawing, knitting, baking, teaching, care-taking, dancing, singing.....

Moving from music to dresses.... tomorrow I'll reveal the "Book Dress".  Can't wait to share it with you!