Yep, more music and color and great quotes....

Words behind red guitar by the ever so philosopher/outdoor/nature man.... Thoreau:

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined."

And the quote on fiddle is absolutely wonderful... gives an indepth look at creating:


"Then I was a craftsman by His side, I was filled with Delight dayafter day,

....Rejoicing in His WHOLE World"

and delighting in mankind." ( Proverbs 8 :30)

How amazing that we can be by God's side and experience delight in HIM, rejoicing in his world, his creation, his mankind that he so beautifully and wonderfully made!  And to think that we can be little reflections of our Creator God as we create music, poetry, paintings and chocolate chip cookies!  Making things..... it's just part of how God custom designed us. 


On an imaginary note.... the field of cows is a perfect setting for fiddle playing dont' you think?

And girls ( above) look like banjo/ fiddle players.... frizzy big hair artsy like.

photos 2, 3,  Daisy Pink Cupcake