Pink Music


The past few days I've had the best time painting guitars, fiddles, mandolins and banjos.  Music has been on my mind and I love it!  Even Run DMC!  ( those songs... walk this way, etc... hold dear memories of high school)

Since we're on a music kick,  have you heard of "Best Day" by Taylor Swift? She talks about growing up and being with her mom. It's a powerful song.... so powerful that each time I listen to it, I have a tear in my eye. I think Mike even got a tear in his eye too.

This past Friday, Rosie and I were both at our easels painting away and listening to music.  Rosie was cutting up paper and using glue just like her mommy.  We talked about art and birds and popcorn and then she would jump down off her stool and dance a little if there was a certain song that required dance moves.... ahem... like Freak A Zoid ( that goes wayyyy back to middle school for me and I love teaching Rosie robot moves!)   It was such a fun afternoon and then this song, "Best Day" came on and I started listening to the lyrics. .....I almost started crying when I heard this line....

"There is a video I found
From back when I was three
You set up a paint set in the kitchen
And you’re talkin’ to me
It’s the edge of princesses and pirate ships
And the seven dwarfs"

Rosie is three and her paint set is in the kitchen.  Wow.... what hit me was that Rosie will only be three for a little while and then she'll be 4 and before I know it she'll be grown.  Just want to savor these days... savor the talking and painting and just being with her as we listen to music and spend these days together.

Thanks Taylor Swift for making such a great song, I think it tugs at lots of momma's heart strings in the world.

  Don't you just  love how singer/songwriters share their hearts and thoughts with the world?  What a gift!